RGB(WW/NW/A) Quad Core LED Strip
The all new RGBW Quad Core LED Strip is the latest generaion taking LED Tape to a new level. With the Red, Green, Blue and White LED's all on board in one chip gives you a much higher resolution of colour including the option of selecting your choice of White. Warm White, Cool White and even the latest Amber is available to run along side your standard RGB all in one to give you maximum brightness and smoother colour fade effects.
The latest Quad Core Chip with Red, Green, Blue & your choice of White all in one. This all in one chip takes LED Tape to a new level raising the definition quality, resolution of colour & increasing the overall brightness. Along side of this you also get a much smoother colour fade transition compared to original RGBW LED Tape, this really is the next step to take when dealing with Flexible LED Strips.